Server Structure Proposal and Automatic Verification Technology on IAAS Cloud of Plural Type Servers

Yoji Yamato


In this paper, we propose a server structure proposal and automatic performance verification technology which proposes and verifies an appropriate server structure on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud with bare metal servers, container based virtual servers and virtual machines. Recently, cloud services have been progressed and providers provide not only virtual machines but also new metal servers and container based virtual servers. However, users need to design an appropriate server structure for their requirements based on 3 types quantitative performances and users need much technical knowledge to optimize their system performances. Therefore, we study a technology which satisfies users' performance requirements on these 3 types IaaS cloud. Firstly, we measure performances of a bare metal server, Docker containers, KVM (Kernel based Virtual Machine) virtual machines on OpenStack with virtual server number changing. Secondly, we propose a server structure proposal technology based on the measured quantitative data. A server structure proposal technology receives an abstract template of OpenStack Heat and function / performance requirements and then creates a concrete template with server specification information. Thirdly, we propose an automatic performance verification technology which executes necessary performance tests automatically on provisioned user environments according to the template.

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Performance; Cloud Computing; IaaS; Baremetal; Container; Hypervisor; OpenStack; Heat; Automatic Test;

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