Data Center Based on Cloud Computing Technology

Zhixin Xie, Yishi Yang, Sunmin Lee


With the rapid development of Internet applications, the impact on the development of data centers is huge. Domestic data centers attach great importance to the acceptance of cloud computing technology and the construction of application systems. Nowadays, data centers can be effectively transformed into cloud computing development. The operating support environment has become the main consideration and focus of today’s data center development. Under the concept of cloud computing, this article analyzes and builds a new data center that is more in line with the needs of resource management and information construction. Taking the development of data centers based on cloud computing technology as the research object, building data centers through cloud computing technology realizes the acquisition and organization of data and makes full use of resources. A new information resource management system with functions such as classification and query of data, overall processing and analysis of data, backup of data, information management and services has been realized. Before using the cloud computing model, the network deployed a total of 40 virtual servers, and the average CPU utilization rate was less than 40%. Since the establishment of the data center model in this article, the utilization rate of the processor has stabilized at around 95%. Therefore, the data center proposed in this paper greatly improves the utilization of data and speeds up the overall construction of the data center.

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Cloud Computing Technology; Data Center; Information Technology; Resource Management

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