Analysis on NSAW Reminder Based on Big Data Technology

Ziheng Jin


NSAWS is an intelligent and real-time large database management system. By analyzing the user identity data and access rights contained in the collected information, the NSAWS finds out the potential risks and issues an alarm notice in a timely manner. This paper mainly studies how to strengthen the prevention of network attacks in BD environment from the following aspects. This paper first introduces the common technology on the Internet in our country and its application status; secondly, it expounds the architecture, deployment mode and operation mode of the large database system based on the basic security facilities such as cloud computing platform and firewall. Then the traditional NSAWS is analyzed and the simulation platform is tested. The results show that the platform has high accuracy and stability in alerting network security hazards and can effectively protect network security.

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Big Data Technology; Network Security; Security Early Warning; Early Warning Reminder

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