Establishment and Application of Spatial Distribution Model of Roof Greening Based on GIS Technology

Ling Pi


The stage from the beginning of the 21st century to now is the stage of the scale development of roof greening(RG) in China. With the continuous progress of urban construction, on the one hand, the ecological environment is deteriorating, on the other hand, the available green space in the urban center area becomes more and more scarce. The development of this contradiction promotes the rapid development of RG. RG plays an important role in enriching urban landscape, increasing urban green quantity, reducing urban heat island effect, conserving rainwater and reducing temperature, and creating a new green space for the city, including leisure, entertainment and ecology, and improving urban ecological landscape. This paper mainly studies the establishment and application of spatial distribution(SD) model of RG Based on GIS technology. Through understanding the SD design of RG, the paper investigates and analyzes the status quo of green space of roof, macro layout and the integration of multiple functional spaces. This paper studies and establishes a multiobjective optimization model of SD of RG, and analyzes the purification effect of RG on rainwater pollutants and the overall performance of ecosystem service equity. The results show that 26.31% of the people think that the degree of RG is insufficient, and 5.14% think that RG is scarce. In the cognition of the status of RG space, 12.41% of people don't care about RG, 8.69% think it is face engineering, and even 9.31% think it is waste of resources, which indicates that the promotion of RG needs to be improved.

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Roof Greening, Spatial Distribution, GIS Technology, Application Research

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