The Research and Application of Adjustable Drive Improve Oil Recovery Technology in Ansai Low Permeable Fracture Reservoir

Yongtai Li, Chen Li


In order to solve the serious problem that the injected water channeling is serious and water flooding effect is getting worse in Ansai low permeability fractured reservoir. Developed the gelling movable gel profile control displacement-agent RD which Can control the gel time and the strength. Select out the surfactant XSY-1 that can reduce water interfacial tension to ultra-low and can significantly improve oil displacement efficiency. Designed five group profiling experiments on parallel cores, optimized movable frozen rubber slug of surfactant slug best combination of 0.2 of the PV profile control agent add 0.40 PV surfactant, compared with the water flooding ways to enhance oil recovery of 22.5% . Adjustable drive combined with technology is the effective way to improve the Ansai low permeability fractured reservoir water flooding effect.

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Surfactant Flooding; Ansai Oilfield; Enhanced Oil Recovery

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