Community Opinion Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Using Naive Bayes Algorithm Methods

Taqwa Hariguna, Vera Rachmawati


The election of Governor is an election event for the Regional Head for the future of the region and the country. The Central Java Governor election in 2018 was held jointly on 27 June 2018, which was followed by 2 candidate pairs of the governor. Its many responses from people through twitter's social media to bring up opinions from the public. Sentiment analysis of 2 research objects of Central Java Governor 2018 candidates with a total of 400 tweets with each candidate being 200 tweets. The used of tweets are divided into 3 classes: positive class, neutral class and negative class. In this study the classification process used the Naive Bayes Classifier (NBC) method, while for data preprocessing is using Cleansing, Punctuation Removal, Stopword Removal, and Tokenisation, to determine the sentiment class with the Lexicon Based method produces the highest accuracy in the Ganjar Pranowo dataset with an accuracy of 87,9545%, Precision value is 0.891%, Recall value is 0.88% and F-Measure is 0.851% while Sudirman Said dataset has an accuracy rate of 84.322%, Precision value of 0.867%, Recall value of 0.843% and F-Measure of 0.815%. From these results, we can conclude that the Ganjar Pranowo dataset was higher compared to Sudirman Said's dataset.

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Sentiment analysis, Twitter, Naive bayes classifier.

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