Predicting Airline Passenger Satisfaction with Classification Algorithms

B.Herawan Hayadi, Jin-Mook Kim, Khodijah Hulliyah, Husni Teja Sukmana


Airline businesses around the world have been destroyed by Covid-19 as most international air travel has been banned. Almost all airlines around the world suffer losses, due to being prohibited from carrying out aviation transportation activities which are their biggest source of income. In fact, several airlines such as Thai Airways have filed for bankruptcy. Nonetheless, after the storm ends, demand for air travel is expected to spike as people return for holidays abroad. The research is aimed at analyzing the competition in the aviation industry and what factors are the keys to its success. This study uses several classification models such as KNN, Logistic Regression, Gaussian NB, Decision Trees and Random Forest which will later be compared. The results of this study get the Random Forest Algorithm using a threshold of 0.7 to get an accuracy of 99% and an important factor in getting customer satisfaction is the Inflight Wi-Fi Service.

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Classification, Airlane, Satisfaction, Predicting, Random Forest

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